Web Design & Development


The content collected during the Planning Phase is translated into a design. This phase combines all forms of web content such as text, graphics, and media.


In the developing phase, the website inner works will be checked to ensure that web and code standards are met. We perform a Quality Assurance Testing .


We take the time to know our client’s and their needs. We make sure that all parties are on the same page and aligned with the objectives of the project.


We outline the ideas and details of how we will go about the project by defining content and marketing strategies that create a course of action for achieving the client’s goals.


This is one of the important phases where we deliver the uniquely designed website to the client. The client is reassured of post-implementation support as the project is now considered complete.


During the final phase, we check your website up to date and running smoothly. It involves regularly scheduled content and security updates.

Responsive Web Designing

Osiltec aims to design beautiful websites that are user-friendly, highly accessible and built to help drive tons of traffic to your site. We believe strongly in having a professional and credible web design for our clients and our own websites.The web design needs to be an extension of the company’s brand, and emphasis and add credibility to their vision.But it’s not just about how a site looks, it also about how to take into effect its role on your SEO, as well as how it flows and reads for your visitors.The site must be designed to be efficient, be neat and clean, and provide your visitors the ability to navigate and find exactly what they need, quickly and easily.Creative, Professional and Custom-Tailored Web Designs.